Nova-Dox Software Performance

Discover how the Nova-Dox software trades ETH using cutting-edge algorithms to generate consistent returns, even during bear markets.

Turning a profit in the depths of a bear market might seem like nothing more than a dream, but Nova-Dox can help you stay in the green regardless of market conditions. We turn a profit during the most challenging times, and our software can handle all drops in ETH’s price.

Naturally, you want to know more about how we will turn a profit with your NFTs, that is why we have created the document that will guide you through the details of the software performance and how you can benefit from it.

balance of your account

We calculate your returns in dollars and then transfer the equivalent in ETH to your crypto-wallet. After the first two months, you will receive profits monthly. Monthly Profits

Futures Bot

The futures bot was the predecessor to our combined options bot; it generated long-term profits but without options, relying only on futures. As a result, it was less resistant to major price swings, which is why we created the combined software. The futures bot shares the main characteristics of the futures and options bot; it is a long

position-orientated bot with zero liquidation risk and fast recovery after crashes in the ETH price. However, by combining futures and options, we can easily squeeze a factor 3 better performance out of the bot in USD terms, and the drawdown characteristics also improve.

The illustration below shows the futures bot racking up gains in USD starting in August 2021 alongside the ETH price chart in the same time frame. As you can see, the account took 20% profit from August to December, during a 50% drop in ETH’s price. All presented results are up-to-date, and we can log on to live accounts to prove this

Author: Peter Barker