Earn Up To 50% Guaranteed USDT Rewards

Choose your NFT reward plan and earn 4-50% USDT returns.

Nova-Dox has officially partnered with Deribit, the world's #1 crypto options exchange.

The partnership solidifies Nova-Dox as a leading NFT project that leverages Deribit's liquidity, security, and instruments to provide value to users.

How Nova-Dox works

Nova-Dox is an NFT project that leverages an in-house back-tested Ethereum trading software to generate rewards. The project's principal aim is to generate rewards using complex instruments such as options and futures for investors that usually don't have access to these tools.

Our software has consistently beaten the market. In 2022 Ether's price dropped by over 80%, but Nova-Dox returned over 30% in USD. You can learn more about our performance in this document.

Profit Calculator
3 months under 4%
Initial investment
Stake rewards
% ($)
Receiving USDT at the end of the staking period.
The four steps below outline the process behind paying out consistent rewards to Nova-Dox NFT holders.

1. Use our rewards calculator and rewards program information page to decide what type of NFT reward scheme fits your needs. Consider the investment period and the % of rewards.

2. Purchase your ideal Nova-Dox NFT through our official OpenSea, Rarible, or Looksrare page. Our NFTs trade on OpenSea for Ethereum. If you haven't used OpenSea before, here's a helpful guide.

3.  At the end of the staking period the Nova-dox NFT holders are rewarded with up to 50% of rewards (depending on the staking period) generated by our powerful algorithms.

4. Depending on the type of NFT you purchase, you'll receive consistent rewards directly to your crypto wallet. Rewards are generally paid out at the end of the staking period, which can be anything from 3-24 months.

5. A slice of Nova-Dox's rewards are donated to dog charities. So you can enjoy your returns while knowing you helped give a poor abandoned dog a comfortable home. The donations are taken from us and not subtracted from your personal rewards.

Start Earning Up To 50% In Rewards Today

How Nova-Dox works

Market Leading % USDT Rewards

Nova-Dox NFTs offer market-beating USDT rewards ranging from 4-50%. With a variety of reward packages to choose from, there's something for everyone.

An Official Deribit Partner

As an official Deribit partner, Nova-Dox users can rest assured that their funds are secure on the world's biggest crypto options exchange that handles an average volume of $1 billion every 24 hours.

Third-Party Auditor

Security is our top priority. Bitcounts, a respected third-party auditor, secures all your funds. In addition, we use a three-signature system whereby all parties must sign off on withdrawals.

Saving Abandoned Dogs

One of the core aims of the Nova-Dox project is to save abandoned dogs from hardship. For every NFT purchased, Nova-Dox adds funds to charitable causes that help dogs worldwide and partners with charities that desperately need funding to help neglected dogs.

Nova-Dox Roadmap

Meet our Team

Co-Founder and CEO

George is a Dutch Civil Engineer specialized in advanced statistical models for climatechange and flood defense. He studied in Amsterdam and Delft.He distinguishes himself in developing new knowledge and innovative new techniques inthe engineering world.

Co-Founder and CTO

Nelle is a master degree civil engineer and applied mathematician at the university of Twente. The main focus in his career has been risk analysis, especially for water safety inthe Netherlands where major land parts are well below sea level. He has worked atimportant scientific research institutes in the Netherland; Deltares and TNO.


As a startup specialist, Asad has been a professional for 19 years, the past 9 years as CMOfor blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, IDO, IEO, NFT-based firm launches from the groundup. He has created 134 firms in the United States and Europe, including @ChargCoin,@Medvice, @finxflo, @LEDU, @timeDAO, @NFTmall, @moonearth, @leagueofpharaohs,@resource, @Unblokapp, and others.



Nova-Dox is an innovative NFT staking platform that uses an in-house $ETH trading software to generate $USDT rewards for NFT holders. Profits are disbursement based on the NFT's pre-determined maturity period, and some of the profits are used to build shelters for abandoned dogs. Returns range from 4-50%, and you get to keep your collectible NFT. 

How does Nova-Dox work? 

Every Nova-Dox NFT collection has a maturity period of 3-24 months. Once you purchase a Nova-Dox NFT, your funds are deposited into the trading accounts on Deribit, where our back-tested algorithm uses a combination of futures and options contracts to generate returns in both bull and bear markets. When the maturity period is reached, your rewards are sent to your crypto wallet. 

Where can I buy Nova-Dox NFTs? 

You can buy Nova-Dox NFTs on OpenSea, Rarible, and Looksrare. 

How can I calculate Nova-Dox staking rewards? 

Use the rewards calculator on our website to calculate estimated rewards. 

What exchange does Nova-Dox use for trading?

Nova-Dox uses Deribit for trading. Deribit is the world’s leading crypto options and futures exchange, and Nova-Dox is an official Deribit partner. An important note, they have 100% clean reserves.

Which blockchain do Nova-Dox NFTs use? 

Nova-Dox NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain. 

How do I know my funds are secure? 

Bitcounts, a respected third-party auditor, secures all your funds. In addition, we use a three-signature system whereby all parties must sign off on withdrawals. In addition, we are an official Deribit partner with an admin-controlled account managed by one of Deribit's account managers.

Where can I learn more about Nova-Dox? 

You can learn more about Nova-Dox in our whitepaper by joining us on Discord, following our Twitter, and asking our team for information on Telegram. 

How does Nova-Dox help abandoned dogs? 

10% from all generated profits are invested in dog shelters. Currently, our charitable arm is focused on Tenerife, the home of our founder, and in the future we plan to branch out into other cities and countries.